3 way line array double 12 inch Neodymium magnet V488 speaker
Haut-parleur passif

Haut-parleur V488 à double aimant néodyme de 12 pouces à 3 voies

No. d'article: V488
Type: 3-way double 12 inch line array speaker
Neodymium magnet
MF: 4 x 5.5",50mm,4×130W,8Ω
HF: 2 x 2431H,3"76mm,2×120W,16Ω
Cabinet: FIrst grade Russian birch plywood
Weight: 51.3kg
V488 Specification
Frequency Range 48 Hz-18 kHz (-10 dB)
Frequency Response 60 Hz-16 kHz (±3 dB)
Sensitivity 98 dB LF, 102 dB MF, 114 dB HF (1W/1m)
Nominal Impedances 2 x 8 ohm LF, 8 ohm MF, 16 ohm HF
Horizontal Coverage 90 degrees nominal, 250 Hz - 16 kHz (-6dB)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 990.6 mm x 355.6 mm x 508 mm (39 in x 14 in x 20 in)
Weight 51.3 kg (113 lb)
Transducers LF: 2 x 2262HPL,76mm,12",2×700W,8Ω
MF: 4 x 5.5",50mm,4×130W,8Ω
HF: 2 x 2431H,3"76mm,2×120W,16Ω
Coatings Front steel grill with anti-corrosion coating
acoustically neutral 3D fabric
Cabinet FIrst grade Russian birch plywood

V488 dual 12-inch line array speakers have a real and natural performance, which is characterized by small size, light weight, long projection distance, high sensitivity, strong penetration, high sound pressure level, clear voice, strong reliability and different areas It has the characteristics of uniform sound coverage and so on.For the durable appearance, high-density plywood is used as the structural material of the box, and the surface of the box is painted with high-durability gray-black emery paint. Therefore, the anti-aging strength is very strong, it can withstand the sun and rain for a long time, and it can be installed indoors to prevent harsh environments such as humidity.

V488 can be used in outdoor mobile large-scale sound reinforcement systems, theaters, stadiums, large indoor SHOW bars, nightclubs, large stages, large bars, multi-function halls and other places. Used in combination with other models of line array speakers in the VT series, it not only has high sound quality, but also is easy to install.

Feature of V488  
●Advanced Technology Components: Differential Drive, Neodymium Magnets, Dual Voice Coils, Direct Cooled Cone Transducers, Lightweight and High Output.
●Direct Cooled cone Transducers, light weight and high output.
●HF waveguide elements are coupled to create precise vertical slots.
●The use of advanced construction techniques provides an exceptionally strong, lightweight housing construction.
●Rugged exterior finish; weathered components.
●Suspension System: High-quality heat-treated alloys provide a high-strength, reliable suspension array.
●For stand-alone arrays or in combination with other models in the same series.




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