Contrôle logiciel Paramètres DSP Préréglages AES/EBU Pro Amplificateur haute puissance
Ampli DSP pour caisson de basses

Contrôle logiciel Paramètres DSP Préréglages AES/EBU Pro Amplificateur haute puissance

No. d'article: L-12X
4*1800W 8ohms
4*3000W 4ohms
DFM DSP control from Germany
Buill-in Presets of  hot model speakers
Enthernet Control
With AES/EBU inputs
100V-240V wide voltage power supply
High efficient cooling system
Professional Power Amplifier Specifications
Output Power  1KHz,,<0.05%THD:
8Ω Stereo Power:
4Ω Stereo Power:
2Ω Stereo Power:
THD (20Hz-20kHz for 1W):
THD (1kHz and 1 dB below clipping):
DSP Processor
Signal Noise Ration:
Frequency Response(+/-0.1dB):
Damping coeficient:
Gain (optional):
Output socket:
Speakon Connectors(NEUTRIK)
Input socket:
Combo XLR type,3pin(NEUTRIK)
Link socket:
XLR type,3pin male(NEUTRIK)
Short circuit, open circuit,thermal,
overload, DC, super audio protection
Power Requirement:
Size(W x H x D):

Product Description
LA12X amplifier is based on a modern, high performance D class topology.This topology provides high efficiency, low heat generation and large output power At the same time, the high switching frequency of the output stage (450 kHz) provides sound quality comparable with the best analog amplifiers.

2U metal (steel) case. It is designed to be installed in a standard 19-inch rack.
Forced cooling system with a smooth adjustable cooling rate. Features five powerful fans and backward air flow direction.
One removable filter is located on the front panel under protective cover.Covers can be removed and installed without the use of any tools

Bulit in Output Overload and Short-Circuit Protection,DC Output Protection, Thermal Protection
Soft Start system to reduce the power-on inrush current

DSP Software
The amplifier is equipped with a flexible and powerful high-end DSP from DFM audio, Germany.The close integration of processing and amplification allows the DSP to monitor and better respond to amplifier behavior, making dynamics processing far more accurate and effective than that typically achieved with separate components. The onboard DSP offers four channels of crossover filters, parametric EQ, FIR filter and alignment delay - everything needed to optimize a loudspeaker system.

For DSP processing, the analog signal is converted to digital using four 24-bit A/D converters, operating at 96 kHz. The dynamic range of A/D and D/A converters is 120 dB.

Presets of  hot model speakers


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