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La diffusion en direct de Sinbosen, votre session de questions

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: 2021-10-13 14:56:21
Sinbosen's live broadcast, your question session

Sinbosen has 3 to 4 live broadcasts a week, and the live broadcasts are conducted in the company's showroom.
        Preparation before the live broadcast: prepare the product and explanation board, set up the live broadcast lens, and have a good mental outlook to face the audience.

Our live broadcast staff will show

and introduce different products 

each time,and interact with the

audience.When customers have

questions,we will answer them

on the spot.Different Sinbosen

product models are displayed in

the exhibition hall.If you make

an appointment to visit Sinbosen,

we will personally take you to visit

the exhibition hall and our factory



This is the most recent live broadcast.The content of this live broadcast isour product monitor SR-2050.
The live broadcaster openedthe box at the scene,introduced the parameters of this product in detail,
and did a demonstration of matching and connecting operations.

Of course, if you have any doubts about the live broadcast content or audio knowledge,such as asking questions:
enlightenedHow much power is this amplifier can it match my speakers?
enlightenedI have a certain number,a certain size,and a certain wattageof speakers,Can you recommend me some power amplifiers  that can be matched?
enlightenedCan you show me the details?

You are welcome to ask questions during the live broadcast,and the live broadcaster will enthusiastically help you answer them.
You can also contact us at any time after the live broadcast, and the Sinbosen team will answer as soon as possible.

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