Amplificateur Sinbosen et rétroaction du système d'équipement audio stéréo de haut-parleur actif des États-Unis
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Amplificateur Sinbosen et rétroaction du système d'équipement audio stéréo de haut-parleur actif des États-Unis

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: 2022-02-28 17:53:35
After receiving Sinbosen's sound equipment, American customers were very satisfied with Sinbosen's sound effect and happily shared his live video!

The customer who purchased this set of equipment wanted to build a professional line-array sound system for the dance party. His dance floor area was about 400 square meters, and the number of people was about 200. This customer has purchased an FP10000Q in Sinbosen before and has been debugging for a period of time. This time, he wants to buy another FP10000Q and apply it to the new site. Considering the application of various scenarios, flexible collocation and stable sound quality of FP10000Q and FP22000Q, we recommended 2 pieces FP10000Q+8 pieces KA210; 1 pieces FP22000Q+4 pieces double 18 inch S-218 Subwoofer Regular speakers plus a subwoofer, then decorate the speaker position according to the field situation, can realize the acoustics of the stereo shock, makes the ball effect.

Customer application:
FP10000Q:Stereo power RMS @ 4ohms :2100 watt
KA210:800W Rated power ( Impedance:4Ω)
FP22000Q:Stereo power RMS @ 8ohms :2500 watt
S218: 1200W Rated power( Impedance:8Ω)

The Power amplifier FP10000Q and FP22000Q are both 4 channel amplifiers
FP10000Q Advantage: 
●4 Channel Class TD Switching power amplifier
●4 x 2,100 Watts into 4 Ohms,4 x 1,350 Watts into 8 Ohms
●Create SUPER sound quality,good for single15”/dual15” speaker
●Separately controllable on Gain
●Scalable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL)
●Bridge-mode operation for Touring Applications
●Comprehensive protection scheme
●Use 12Pcs Original Siemens high quality capacitors 3300uf 200V +4pcs 2200uf Capacitors
●Use Original ONSEMI transistor
●Original Neutrik XLR*/Speakon connectors
●Extended heatsink board to 95 mm
●Temperature protection;Over current protection;Short circuit protection built-in

FP22000Q Advantage: 
4-channel power amplifier, suitable for single 18-inch, double 18-inch speakers, 21 inch subwoofer
can be used at 4ohms
Higher power and better heat dissipation
4 Channel Class TD Switching power amplifier 
Create SUPER sound quality, good for dual 18”/21” subwoofer 
Separately controllable on Gain 
Scalable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL) 
The bridge-mode operation for Touring 
Comprehensive protection scheme 
High-quality material: 
Use Original high-quality capacitor 3600uf 200V 
Use Original type PNP power output transistor 15024G/15025G 
XLR*/Speakon connectors 
Extended heatsink board to 94 mm

The reason why we recommend FP series to this customer is also the endurance of FP power amplifier. FP series have to go through 24 hours of aging test before leaving the factory, and the heat dissipation system has been upgraded so that the power amplifier can get sufficient maintenance rest at work! That means people can dance for about 20 hours! Moreover, the customer is from the United States. Most of Sinbosen's FP series power amplifiers, DSP series power amplifiers, wireless mic SKM9000, wireless MIC AXT220D, digital power amplifiers and all the speaker products have more preferential and convenient channels for The American customers and do not need to bear any tariffs (the same is true for customers in Mexico and EU countries). So this is definitely the best choice!

The 3 power amplifiers ordered by this American customer arrived in 3 days. As for the speakers, Sinbosen took the preferential and safe shipping route, booked in advance and finally arrived just in time for the PROM commissioning! We are very happy for the customer's surprise and satisfaction after receiving the goods!
If you also have the same needs, you may wish to consult Sinbosen Team, we will recommend the best and most suitable sound collocation for you according to your site! And for you to recommend the best transport channels, the goods will be delivered to your hands at the most perfect price!

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