Quelle est la différence entre l'amplificateur de puissance professionnel K4-1700 et le FP10000Q ?
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Quelle est la différence entre l'amplificateur de puissance professionnel K4-1700 et le FP10000Q ?

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: 2023-02-20 19:14:02

The customer from Romania in the picture above asked about the difference between K4-1700 and FP10000Q? In fact, many customers have asked this question before. Customers who bought FP10000Q said they want to try K4-1700, and those who bought K4-1700 also want to try another one. They mainly differ in type, sound performance and price.

1. What is the difference between FP10000Q and K4-1700?
K4-1700 is Sinbosen's 1u digital power amplifier, 4 channel RMS 1700W/2800W
①High-efficiency digital products, the sound effect is meticulous and pure
②Small size, light weight, lower cost and higher power, K4-1700 is about 10kg.

FP10000Q is a 2u class td power amplifier with 4 channel RMS 1350W/2100W.
Class TD combines the high efficiency of a digital Class D with the sonic purity of classic Class B designs.Class TD is bridgeable, highly reliable, and maintains a flat response with complex loads as low as 2 ohms nominal.

The treble is crisp and penetrating. The mids are clear, warm and natural, while the lows pack a powerful punch!

2.Some feedback on K4-1700 digital power amplifier and FP10000Q class power amplifier.

3.How to choose between FP10000Q and K4-1700?

The medium and high frequency performance of the two power amplifiers, including clarity, are very good, and the bass of Fp10000q is even better. If you want a more pronounced bass effect, you can choose FP10000Q. Compared with the FP series, the price of the K series is more advantageous. If the cost performance is considered, the K4-1700 is a very good choice! It has a light body, but great power!

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