​​Qu'est-ce que Dante ? Amplificateur Sinbosen avec fonction Dante
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​​Qu'est-ce que Dante ? Amplificateur Sinbosen avec fonction Dante

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: 2024-06-04 18:30:52

​​What is Dante?
Dante revolutionizes audio and video connectivity

From small houses of worship and conference rooms to large rock tours and stadiums, audio systems require connections between microphones, mixers, processors, amplifiers, and speakers. This often means long runs of specialized analog cables that are bulky, difficult to maneuver, and can only send one signal to one device at a time. Replacing cables is laborious and expensive, and there is always noise and interference along the way. Add video to the mix, and it becomes even more cumbersome, requiring even more types of specialized cables to install, manage, and maintain.

Dante replaces all of these connections with a computer network, making it easy to send video or hundreds of audio channels in perfect digital fidelity over tiny Ethernet cables. All connections are now software-managed, making routing fast, readable, and reliable. Because all devices share the same network, signals can be sent between any device, no matter where they are on the site, without changing wiring. Dante systems are easily expandable, just like adding a printer to the network. Simply connect additional devices to any available network jack and you're ready to go. Dante is a more advanced audio and video system that integrates all previous connection types. Dante not only provides extremely superior performance, but also improves the usability and scalability of these systems and reduces deployment costs.


Features of Dante audio
1. Network cables are used instead of traditional audio cables to reduce costs and simplify links. Multiple audio signals can be transmitted over long distances through a single network cable
2. IP management of the entire system is achieved. Through the allocation and management of IP addresses, Dante devices can be monitored and managed.
3. Uncompressed and lossless transmission of audio signals is achieved. Long-distance transmission has lower latency and is less likely to generate noise.

Configuring a DSP power amplifier in a Dante network requires a certain process. The steps are as follows:
1.Ensure all devices are connected to the same Dante network: First, make sure the DSP power amplifier and other Dante-enabled devices are connected to the same network switch or network environment. Professional network switches can be used to connect devices to ensure network stability and efficiency.
2.Configure the Dante Controller software: Install the Dante Controller software on your computer and then open the software to configure the Dante network.
3.Scan and identify devices: In the Dante Controller software, perform a network scan to allow the software to recognize all Dante devices connected to the network, including the DSP power amplifier.
4.Assign IP addresses to Dante devices: Assign a unique IP address to each Dante device to ensure proper communication and connection between devices.
5.Set up audio streams: In the Dante Controller, configure the transmission paths and routes for audio streams. By simple drag-and-drop actions, route audio signals from one device to another, and configure the input and output channels for audio streams.
6.Configure the DSP power amplifier: Set up input and output channels on the DSP power amplifier to ensure correct connections to the audio streams on the Dante network.
7.Test and debug: After completing the above configuration, test and debug the audio streams to ensure proper transmission and processing of audio signals, and check the audio quality and signal stability.

It is important to note that different DSP power amplifiers and Dante devices may have different configuration methods and operational steps. It is recommended to refer to the specific device manual and related guides for configuration. Throughout the configuration process, ensure network connection stability and accuracy to avoid network failures or signal loss.

Which sinbosen amplifiers have dante function?
①D series 2ohms stable DSP amplifier (D4-1300 DSP,D4-1500 DSP,D4-2000 DSP,D4-3000 DSP,D2-3000 DSP,D2-3500DSP,D2-4200 DSP)
②2U touch screen DSP Series Switching Power Amplifier(DSP10000Q,DSP12000Q,DSP18000Q,DSP20000Q)

Both series have the option to add DANTE functionality! ((Note: Dante function is not provided by default,If you choose to add, additional fees will be charged)

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