Des ailettes réglables peuvent être ajoutées au Line Array KA208/KA210 !
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Des ailettes réglables peuvent être ajoutées au Line Array KA208/KA210 !

: 1993
: 2024-04-27 12:38:52
KA208(Dual 8 inch Line Array),KA210(Dual 10 inch Line array), V1.0 V2.0 active and passive can add this diffusion plate(Fins), +15 US dollars / speaker.

Q: I have purchased KA208 and KA210 no fins version. Can I buy this diffuser plate accessory to replace it?
A: Of course it is possible.


Adjustable fins (diffusion plate) , which are also known as line array speaker fins or adjustable aerodynamic sound directors, serve several important functions in optimizing the performance of line array speaker systems in live sound reinforcement applications. Here are some key functions of these adjustable fins:

•Optimal Sound Coverage: The adjustable fins allow sound engineers to precisely control the vertical coverage angle of each speaker module in the line array. By adjusting the angle of the fins, audio professionals can aim the sound projection towards the audience area, ensuring even coverage and consistent audio quality throughout the venue. This feature helps to minimize sound spillage and improve the overall listening experience for the audience

•Safety and Rigging Flexibility:In addition to their acoustic functions, the fins also contribute to the safety and stability of line array speaker rigging. By providing a secure attachment point for the speakers, these fins help in distributing the weight load evenly and reducing the risk of tilting or falling during installation or operation. The adjustable nature of the fins allows for precise alignment and rigging adjustments, ensuring a secure and reliable setup for the speaker system.

•Ease of Installation and Adjustment: The adjustable fins make the installation and setup process more convenient and efficient. Sound engineers and technicians can easily adjust the angle of the fins without the need for complex tools or extensive manual labor. This flexibility allows for quick and precise adjustments to cater to different venue sizes, audience layouts, and acoustics requirements, helping to optimize the sound distribution and coverage for various events and performances.

•Acoustic Optimization: By fine-tuning the vertical dispersion pattern of the line array speakers using the adjustable fins, audio professionals can achieve better control over the sound propagation and directionality. This feature enables them to minimize unwanted reflections, improve directivity, and enhance the overall sonic clarity and intelligibility of the audio output. By adjusting the fins to suit the specific acoustic properties of the venue, engineers can create a more immersive and balanced listening experience for the audience.

By the way, KA208,KA210 Active Line Array are hot selling now, plug and play ,very cost-effective and high sound performance! Highly recommended!You can contact us for online sound testing or offline sound testing!

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KA208 Active Ferrite
2.0 Line Array System
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2.0 Line Array System
KA208 Passive Neodymium
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KA210 Passive  Ferrite
2.0 Line Array System
KA15 15inch Neodymium
3.0 Line Array Speaker

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