Quelle est la différence entre les processeurs numériques D-260 et VENU360 ?
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Quelle est la différence entre les processeurs numériques D-260 et VENU360 ?

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: 2023-05-31 23:48:23
All processing required for the 360 Enhanced Sound System. You can now have full control from your mobile device.
The 360 processor with 3 inputs and 6 outputs has improved the 260 processor  function with 2 inputs and 6 outputs, and added more features. Provide all the processing power and flexibility required between the mixer and amplifier to optimize and protect the speakers. 360 can be controlled through Ethernet and updated wizards on Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices. VENU360 inherits the tradition of 260, with sound effects, powerful features, and reasonable prices.


The improved new AutoEQ algorithm ensures an extremely accurate, fast, and interference free automatic EQ experience. With the help of RTA microphones, the updated VENU360 processor AutoEQ algorithm can automatically set speaker levels and room EQ within seconds using sine scanning. This means that room adjustments can now be made very quickly without causing the audience to hear annoying pink noise broadcasts for a long time. The AutoEQ is now located in the output processing stage, which means that independent parts of the system can be automatically balanced. This allows AutoEQ to be used for FOH systems as well as stage monitors, area and tower delays!

Enhanced AFS eliminates feedback

The enhanced AFS algorithm can eliminate feedback faster and more accurately without adversely affecting the system's tone. 360 has improved the already excellent 260 processor advanced feedback suppression algorithm and made it work better. 360 processor will monitor and anticipate feedback, and automatically delete it before the opportunity arises without changing your voice.

Updated Wizard Settings Function
The updated wizard makes the initial settings easy, while ensuring that speaker tuning and other settings are up to date. The wizard function in VENU360 processor can guide you through a simple, step-by-step process to help you fully utilize your speaker system. Wizards can help you configure routing, level balancing, AutoEQ, advanced feedback suppression, and provide access to updated speaker tuning available to most major speaker brands. The addition of a monitor wizard makes it easy to configure and optimize stage monitors.

Mobile Control

Connect to VENU360 processor through a local network on your Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device to customize the sound of the speaker system for optimal sound. This application can directly operate Compressor, Graphic EQ, Para through its eye-catching and easy-to-use graphical user interface.

VENU 360 Stage 3 in 6 out Digital Audio DSP Professional Processor Sinbosen DBX 260 2 in 6 out crossover digital processor Professional digital processor DBX PA2 2 input 6 output audio processor Sinbosen professional sound audio processor AD48 4 input 8 output digital speaker manage processor Sinbosen DP448 4 in 8 out Digital speaker processor divider
VENU360 Processor D-260 Processor PA2 Processor AD48 Processor DP448 Processor
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