New Model D4-1500,D2-4500 2ohms Class d Amplifier!
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Neues Modell D4-1500, D2-4500 2 Ohm Klasse-D-Verstärker!

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: 2024-07-02 10:09:06
D series is Sinbosen's high-power digital amplifier series.And At the core of D-Series class d amplifiers are the original Nippon Chemi-Con imported high-quality capacitors, ensuring maximum reliability and durability. Paired with GaN transistors, these amplifiers deliver advanced stability, lower distortion, and less noise, resulting in crystal-clear audio reproduction.The D-Series Class d amplifier adopts multi-loop control technology and has excellent technical indicators. The power conversion technology specially designed for low impedance and high current makes the power amplifier more than 95% efficient and Excellent stability.

Designed to operate stably at 2 ohms, the D-Series class d amplifiers are capable of driving even the most demanding speaker setups with ease. The switching power supply adopts active PFC soft switching technology, wide range of voltages from 90-240V,which can adapt to harsh power grid environments and provide a steady stream of power for the power amplifier.
In addition to adding gallium nitride to improve and unleash the energy of the D series, sinbosen has also added more D series model options, in addition to the already existing D4-1300, D4-2000, D4-3000, D2-3000, and D2-3500. models, as well as the recently launched D4-1500, and SINBOSEN will soon launch the D2-4500 in mid-July!

D4-1500 class d amplifier is sinbosen’s exclusive model! 4 channel x RMS 1500w/2500w/3000w,Very suitable for most monitor speakers and some line array speakers

1PCS D4-1500 can drive:
2PCS * V487 , V488 , V489
4PCS * KA208(4/6pcs) , KA15 , CIVA , CIVA Low , XT-15 , JT-08 , WL12 , MT-04(bi-amp version)
8PCS * KA15 , XT-08 , VT-08 , YT-08 , QT-01 , MT-04(built-in crossover version) , V932 , V-915M , S-812

D2-4500 will be withdrawn in mid-July and will be replaced by D2-4200. D2-4500 has very powerful and unprecedented power and is suitable for 18-inch/21-inch subwoofers.
1pcs D2-4500 can drive:
4PCS * KA21(21-inch) , K-28(dual 18-inch) , KA28(dual 18-inch) , KA1B(dual 15-inch) , VT-SUB(18-inch) , YT-SUB(18-inch) , QT-SUB(18-inch),BT-22(dual 18-inch ) , V918(18-inch) , V480(dual 18-inch) , WX18(18-inch)
2PCS * JT-SUB(3 x 18-inch)

All the speaker models mentioned above are provided by sinbosen.
The complete system solution includes wires, cabinets, other peripherals, etc. Welcome to contact us for customized solutions! ! !

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