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Inspection du site! Production d'enceintes line array de Sinbsoen.

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: 2021-10-30 12:26:32
enlightenedThe general production process of speakers includes: speaker cabinet production, paint, crossover production,  Loudspeaker installation. Let's take a look at sinbosen's speaker production process.

enlightenedFirst, make the speaker cabinet.The purpose of the speaker box is mainly to prevent the sound wave signals on the front and back of the speaker diaphragm from directly forming a loop, causing only high- and mid-frequency sound with a small wavelength to be transmitted, while other sound signals are superimposed and cancelled Lost. Traditionally speaking, due to the atmospheric pressure problem after the sound box is sealed, the larger the sound box, the more conducive to the restoration of low-frequency sound. However, in many environments, it is still not allowed to have too large a box. In order to further reduce the volume, according to the characteristics of sound waves and Enhancing the requirements of low-frequency sound wave reproduction. In-box baffles, inverted tubes, resonators, etc. are designed to enhance sound signals of a certain wavelength in the low-frequency band and further reduce the influence of atmospheric pressure on sound restoration.The box body of  Sinbosen's  speaker is made by plywood. It is made of three layers or more thin plates with adhesive, which is more solid.


enlightenedThis is the making of the Sinbosen divider. The frequency divider is a circuit device in the sound box, used to separate the input music signal into different parts such as treble, midrange, and bass, and then send them to the corresponding high, medium and woofer unit for playback. Subwoofers don't need dividers.

enlightenedThe copper coil in the audio frequency divider is a choke coil, and its function is to provide a path for low-frequency signals and prevent high-frequency signals from passing through.

Below is the production of Sinbosen Line Array Speaker SA210

enlightenedTrumpet cloth(When the horn is installed, the dustproof can be covered.)
The materials made of horn cloth are: silk cotton, nylon wire, plastic, metal wire, metal mesh, metal perforated plate and so on. The focus of design is different, and its role is also somewhat different. In summary, there are the following points:
  1. Decoration. For example, old-fashioned radios and computer speakers are a kind of furnishings in the family, which require a beautiful appearance.
  2. Dustproof. There is a horn cloth barrier, most of the dust falls on the horn cloth, which is good for the horn, and the horn cloth is easy to remove with a soft brush.
  3. Protect the horn. Prevent the horn cone from being accidentally bumped, and prevent children from withholding the horn cone. Prevent tea and the like from accidentally spilling in the paper cone.
  4. Filter out sharp noises. The room is relatively quiet, and the ears are very sensitive to some small and sharp noises. The family low-power speakers have speaker cloth, which filters out some sharp noises to a certain extent. It has little effect on mid-bass.

Generally speaking, indoor low-power speaker cloth emphasizes decoration, and outdoor high-power speaker emphasizes protection, so that metal mesh and metal perforated plate are used as speaker net.

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