Haut-parleur de moniteur de scène 2 voies haute performance de 15 pouces
Haut-parleur de retour de scène

Haut-parleur de moniteur de scène 2 voies haute performance de 15 pouces

No. d'article: MT-4
Type: 2 Way Passive
Frequency response: 55 Hz - 17 kHz
Maximum SPL: 135 dB
Nominal impeadance: 8 Ω
Weight: 20 kg / 44 lb
MT-4 2-way stage monitor Specification
Frequency response (-5 dB standard) 55 Hz - 17 kHz
Maximum SPL 135 dB
Nominal directivity (-6 dB) Enclosure: 30°
L-Fins: 110° / 70° symmetric , 90° asymmetric
Nominal impeadance 8 Ω
Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms) 400/1600 W
Nominal dispersion angle (h x v) 50° x 70° rotatable
Components 15" driver with neodymium magnet
coaxial 1.3" exit compression driver with 3" coil and
constant directional horn
passive crossover network
Dimensions (H x W x D) 363 x 580 x 505 mm
Weight 20 kg / 44 lb

► Its constant pointing angle of 50°x 70° (horizontal x vertical) provides accurate coverage of the stage area.
► The MT-4 can also be operated in 2-Way Active mode.And it also have passive version.
► When the cabinet is arranged vertically, the MT-4 can be used as a powerful main expansion system with a 70° x 50° dispersion suitable for a variety of applications.
► For fixed installations, the coverage angle of the MT-4 driver assembly can be rotated in 45° increments.
► The MT-4 speaker cabinet has an anti-collision coating and is equipped with multiple handles, screw holes and a socket for mounting a speaker stand.
► The front of the speaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grille.
► The bottom panel has two anti-slip strips to protect the cabinet from scratching and prevents movement.

Passsive Version Rear Active Version Rear



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