Amplificateur de puissance numérique Sinbosen K4-800 1U 4 canaux classe D 800 W
Amplificateur 4CH

Amplificateur de puissance numérique Sinbosen K4-800 1U 4 canaux classe D 800 W

No. d'article: K4-800
Modèle : K4-800
Canal : amplificateur de puissance à 4 canaux
Caractéristique: 1U/Amplificateur numérique/4CH/Classe D/Pour haut-parleur à gamme complète
Puissance de sortie:
Puissance stéréo 8Ω (RMS): 800W X 4CH
Puissance stéréo 4 Ω (RMS) : 1 200 W

1U Digital Amplifier K4-800
Output Power 1 KHz, <0.05%THD 8Ω/Stereo    4CHX800W
4Ω/Stereo    4CHX1200W
8Ω/Bridge    2CHX2400W
4Ω/Bridge    2CHX3100W
Class Class D Power Amplifier
THD (20Hz-20kHz for 1W) <0.1%
THD (1kHz and 1 dB below clipping) <0.05
DSP Processor NO
Signal Noise Ration >106dB
Frequency Response(+/-0.1dB) 10Hz-34kHz
Damping coefficient >600
Impedance(balanced/unbalanced) 20KΩ/10KΩ
Gain (optional) 0.775V/1V/32dB
Output socket Spe akon Connectors
Input socket Combo XLR type, 3pin
Link socket XLR type,3pin male(NEUTRIK)
Protection   Short circuit, open dircuit, thermal, overload,DC,super audio protection  
Power Requirement 90-265V~50Hz(PFC)
Size(WxHxD) 483x429x44mm
Weight(net) 9Kg

K4-800 Digital Power Amplifier
K4-800 1U 4-channel power amplifier, small size, light weight, easy to install. The circuit uses a Class D power amplifier module, a reliable and efficient R-SMPS stabilized power supply system, which has extremely high efficiency and controllability, and also has extremely high power density, which can adjust the current waveform according to the AC voltage waveform. Wide voltage operation, adapt to the global scope, can carry higher power.

Digital Amplifier K4-800 Feature:
1. Use ClassD power amplifier module. Unique peak clipping limiter and ripple reduction. 
2. The perfect protection system effectively reduces the losses caused by improper use. 
3. The perfect circuit design makes the bass strong and powerful, and the mid and high frequencies are transparent and clear.
4. 1U design, its light weight and very small space occupation rate.
5. It is widely used in large and medium-sized bars, banquet halls, and outdoor performances.
6.Suit for Middle and High speaker, such as PA speaker, stage monitor speaker Single 10-15inch(Not for Bass)





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