Sinbosen SKM9000 2CH 100 mètres de portée UHF microphone sans fil professionnel à main,MICROPHONE SANS FIL

Sinbosen SKM9000 2CH 100 mètres de portée UHF microphone sans fil professionnel à main

No. d'article: SKM9000 Handheld Microphone
Marque : Sinbosen
Modèle : SKM9000
Distance de travail : 100m
Couleur: Trois
Gamme de fréquences : 513-558mhz, 615-655mhz, 780-820mhz
Sensibilité du récepteur : -90dBm
Canal : Un pour deux, 150X2
Modulation : modulation de fréquence (FM)

SKM9000 Wireless Microphone
Channel 2CH, 150X2
Frequency Range 513-558mhz, 615-655mhz, 780-820mhz
Receiver sensitivity -90dBm
Frequency stability ± 10ppm
Audio Frequency Response 40-18000Hz
Harmonic Distortion ≤ 0.5%
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 100dB
Power Specifications 100-240V 50-60Hz (switch power adapter)
Audio output (independent and mixed unbalanced output) 10-30mW transmit power
Modulation Frequency Modulation (FM)
Battery Specifications Two on the 5th battery
3 Matching Options 1.Lavalier microphone
2.Handheld microphone
3.Headset microphone

►UHF frequency band,automatic frequency
►Phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer
►Receiver automatically scans
►Hair shooter microphone with two tranches of power regulation
►Superheterodyne double conversion design with a high receiver sensitivity
►Multi-level high-performance surface acoustic wave filters with excellent anti-jamming capability
►Microphone use Tesco on the 5th battery, continued up to 6-8 hours
►The ideal environment for operating radius of 100 meters
►Transmitter choose: Handheld/Headmic/Clipmic
►Infrared frequency, automatic synchronization lock the transmitter frequency
►Receiver automatically scans and locks the current environment is best to use free channels.
►Mute circuit specially designed to completely eliminate the microphone
►Microphone dual step-up design, the battery is down does not affect the transmit power


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