2022 nouveauté SR314S UHF microphone filaire portable vocal multifonction

2022 Neue Ankunft SR314S UHF-Multifunktions-Gesangs-Handmikrofon mit Kabel

No. d'article: SR314S
Modèle : SR314S
Marque : Sinbosen
Type : Microphone à main
Gamme de fréquence :20Hz-30KHz
Application:Performance sur scène
Fonction : suppression du bruit, léger, portable.
Type:Microphone dynamique
Garantie : 2 ans
The tight cardioid mic and full frequency response are off-axis all the way to 90 degrees, meaning the SR314S delivers the same sound quality even when the singer is off-center on the mic. Strong off-axis suppression, the sound off-axis more than 90 degrees will be greatly attenuated, which can effectively suppress ambient noise. It still has good low-frequency response capability when picking up sounds at a long distance, and can provide detailed and clear bass, and will not cause the sound to become thinner due to distance and other factors.

Item Value
Brand Name Sinbosen
Model Number SR314S
Style Handheld Microphone
Communication Wired
Sensitivity 6.5mV/Pa (-43.7dBV/Pa)
Place of Origin Guangdong,China
Function Noise Cancelling, Light-weight, PORTABLE
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Type Dynamic Microphone
Frequency Response Rate 20Hz-30KHz
Maximum SPL 133dB
Application Stage Performance
Color Stainless Steel Silvery
OUTPUT XLR (pin 2+)
Output Impendence 0.1Ω
Dimensions L x D 181.1mm x 40.6mm

Without the traditional big mesh head, the overall design language does not make
people feel any slender, on the contrary, there is a sense of strength and beauty,
like a gymnast with outstanding body, which is very attractive.The microphone body
of the SR314S is made of pure silver stainless steel. This design makes the SR314S
look very textured, cool and comfortable to the touch, and also has a certain blurred
reflection. We believe it will look better under the bright lights of the stage. 

Sound Performance: Unmatched Clarity

For users, it should be noted that the sound of the SR314S is relatively neutral, which is also his charming and sexy. It doesn't overextend your sound, it doesn't thicken your tone or make it more magnetic, and it doesn't change your tone from bad to good.What the SR314S does is to restore the original appearance of your voice (especially the mid-range), including the details in your voice.

In the low frequency section

The SR314S's bass is very tight and focused. It is worth noting that when the SR314S is used at a very close distance, the low frequency is significantly improved due to the proximity effect. In actual use, this low frequency is not so-called dull and unclear. On the contrary, it still has good clarity, and this low frequency Especially loved.


In the mid-frequency section

We can clearly feel the balanced and accurate sound quality experience brought by the SR314S, and its clarity can be described as crystal-clear. Especially when the sound is picked up at a very close distance, due to the excellent sound pickup performance of the SR314S, subtle sounds including lips and saliva will be included together, so what distance is used to bring what kind of details can be completely determined by the use of can decide for themselves.


In the high frequencies
The SR314S picks up a natural and bright sound, while it hardly contains any harsh hiss. This frees up alot of energy for the recording engineer and the FOH engineer.

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